Your International Press Card

Workpress allow its members to obtain the International Press Card. This card confirms your status as a journalist and facilitates your press activity.

To respect the laws and ethical rules, and for the prevention and prohibition of identity theft, only the member with a press status accepted and verified identity, They can get the international press card in their name or in their nickname.


International Press Card, for whom?

The international press card May be accorded to any citizen who Collects, analyzes and / or produces information that can be exported to the public, whatever the method of publication of this information, Published directly (blog, publishing) or published by the media, whatever the way (press, , written, network, Radio / TV, Agency ...).

The international press card may be obtained by a freelance, investigator, analysis, Investigator, photographer, reporter of images, publisher, editor and blogger ... (2)


International Press Card, which uses?

The press card attests that you are a professional journalist. During the initial issuance of your Press Credential your status has been declared by us or your media according to the rules of UFCA with one or selected media : World Media Directory, MEDIAtlas, ISNI, Benn's Media, IFEX, trade union, Press Agency... :

-  The Press card facilitates access to the sports and entertainment arcades, political and cultural events, enable you to collect information and comment on current events.

-   Journalists on a mission abroad, often they need accreditation or a local permission, you can get them through our multilingual accreditation services.

-  The Press Card attests that the holder is a professional journalist.

- Press card attest that the documents with you "files, documents, computer, mobile phone ..." can be preserved by the law of the press and the protection of journalists sources (1)

-  The international press card gives you several privileges and many reductions in all over the world, reserved for journalists: Privileges in the transport and travel, hotels and car rental, Express courier .




Journalist status can be verified 24/7/365

Your press card formalizes your press status that can be examined if necessary by the caller 24 / 24h by a simple phone call or by Internet.

WPA press card confirms that the owner is a professional journalist and protects your activities by the press law.

WPA Card gives you the opportunity to participate in official meetings, sporting, cultural and political events, as well as many other advantages.

Your reporter status can also be checked by inspection of public records such as World Media Directory, Mediatlas, ISNI, Benn's Media...


Our press Accreditation Service

To be accredited at most events, you need just to justify your press status by presenting your press card. You can also ask our accreditation service to write a letter of engagement or contact the organizers according to the event to cover.  See: Your press accreditation  See: Your press accreditation


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       (1) See The Right to collect information and protection of journalistic source

        (2) « Journalism is a function performed by people of all walks of life including professional analysts and reporters on a full- or part-time as well as bloggers and other individuals who publish themselves the product of their work, in print, on the Internet or otherwise. The general systems of compulsory registration or licensing of journalists by the state or services of a State are incompatible with paragraph 3 of Article 19 of the ICCPR Adopted on 16 December 1966, entered into force on 23 March 1976 and ratified by 167 States. »