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Information Request WPA Membership (ar)

Request for membership Workpress Services

Please complete the information to allow us to send you the application form for your country of residence and the indicated services.


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  • Last name or middle & last
  • Your first name
  • International format (eg : +41 X XX XX XX XX)
  • Your current country of residence
  • Your information is encrypted and secure. They are only used in the management part of your application in accordance with "U.S.-EU/EEA/Switzerland Safe Harbor Framework"

طلب الإنضمام

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  • ( +212 X XX XX XX XX: مثلا المغرب)
  • Vos informations sont cryptées et sécurisées. Elles ne sont utilisées que dans le cadre de la gestion de votre demande en conformité avec le "U.S.-EU/EEA/Switzerland Safe Harbor Framework"

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